Slickdeals Gives Back

July 18, 2017
We've joined the Slickdeals Gives Back program to bring you the best deals and coupons from thousands of online retailers. And the best part? While you save money, you'll be raising money for The Thompson-Mason Brain Cancer Foundation at the same time! Simply go to Slickdeals Gives Back to register for free, select us as your designated nonprofit and start shopping. All your shopping activity earns us points, and you’ll earn double points when you shop at our three bonus stores - Lowe's, Petco, and Petsmart.

The Thompson-Mason Brain Cancer Foundation

January 01, 2014

2014 not only marks the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of a lot of new projects, the most important of which, is officially starting today. This project is the Thompson-Mason Brain Cancer Foundation which my family and I have set up in honor of my uncle, who passed away from brain cancer last year, and my mom who is currently battling brain cancer.

2013 was a year of plane tickets, plane tickets and more plane tickets for me, so I could be home in KY with my Mom to be with her and help her through this battle. Fortunately, I was in a position to afford all of this travel. In September of 2013, when the doctors in KY could no longer offer their help, our family had to travel to Cleveland, Ohio to get the help my Mom deserved from the one and only place in the country that agreed to help her, University Hospitals. Fortunately, our family was a in position to afford this travel, lodging, food and everything else that came along with making such long trips and spending so much time in Cleveland.

Then my Uncle and I started thinking. What would have happened if we couldn't afford to make these trips, and my Mom was unable to get the treatment she deserved? What if I wasn't able to make those trips home all year to be with my Mom and help take care of her? At that moment, a light bulb went off in our heads. We don't want any family to ever have to be in that position, and since we are fortunate enough to have the ability to help people who may end up in these situations, we decided to do what we could to help, and the Thompson-Mason Brain Cancer Foundation was formed.

SeeWord, A New Kind of Word Game

December 29, 2013

SeeWord is a game we developed for both iOS and Android, designed to exercise your brain. Up to 50% of all profits from the game are donated to both our foundation as well as other leading brain cancer research foundations.

When my Mother was diagnosed with GBM, her tumor appeared in the area of her brain that is responsible for word recollection and recognition, so it was imperative that she kept her mind engaged with tasks that exercise it. That’s when I had the idea to design and develop SeeWord, to help her and others like her exercise their minds in a new, fun and unique way.

We have just submitted SeeWord to the iOS app store, so it should be available for download very soon!